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RECEPT - ENERGY BARS a la “what you GOT in your STORAGE”!

I wanted to make a healthy energy bar for me to snack on in between the meals if i get hungry instead of eating for example a piece of cake or bread from the fridge (left overs from the weekend) but its sometimes difficult to find proper nuts here in Livingstone and seeds are even more difficult. Its also very expensive so i had to take what i had in the storage and this is the result.

They didnt end up as healthy as i wished but its a good bar to eat 45-60 min before exercising if you need extra energy or just after exercising to fill up the glycogen depots with fast carbs.


2 dl crusched Kellogs Cornflakes

2 dl oats

1 dl Jungle wheat (see picture below, i think you can use semolina “mannagryn” or cornflour)

1 1/2 egg white

0,5 dl coconut oil

1/2 dl fluid honey

1 medium size banana

1 dl raisins

1 tsp salt

ENJOY your bar as a snack, extra energy before workout or on your next forest hike.



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